Online Coaching

Online coaching offers the student a modern communication context and allows participants to progress rapidly in their mastery of the language. This option is ideal for students who live outside Spain or Latin America and who want to learn Spanish with a highly-qualified, native coach.  Additionally, our clients benefit from learning which is flexible and competitive, allowing them to save on travel time and expenses.

How to participate in the course

The student must download Skype (for free) and send us his or her username or telephone number. Once the contract is signed, the assessment test has been completed and the objectives of the course have been established, we will give him or her a course time. 

The class schedule and frequency is flexible; it can change weekly depending on the availability of the student. We recommend 2 sessions weekly in order to progress comfortably.

Organization of an online class

  • The coach will contact the student at home or at his or her office via Skype or by telephone.
  • The agreed objectives for the class are worked on: oral expression, comprehension, written expression, a specific communication situation, .
  • A synthesis of the content studied is made and the objectives of the next class are outlined, as well as the material to be used: videos, audio recordings, written texts, images, ...
  • After the class, the coach will publish in the student's personal blog a summary of what was seen in class, key phrases from the session, and upon the student's request, reinforcement exercises.